Monday, November 16, 2009

What the bugs have left me in my garden

So this is what is left of my cabbage. It used to have four leaves but apparently some bug decided to eat out one of them.

This is the only strawberry plants to survive out of three purchased. It too has been chewed on.

Here are three of the four roma tomato plants I managed to grow from seed.

This cherry tomato plant was purchased and is about to start growing some mini tomatoes.

This monstrosity is my raised bed. I'm sure I can make better use of the space but hey I'm learning. I'm digging a normal garden next to this one but it seems to be taking forever do the fact the ground it so hard I have to use a pick to loosen it up. Try to contain your excitement while you wait for Pictures to come. Special thanks to my mom for the gift card to Home depot for plants that were already started.

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